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Global Sourcing.

Anonymised purchase of special and rare metal powders for industry and research laboratories

Many global player and high-tech companies completely rely on NMD and delegate the procurement of special materials such as rare metal powders to NMD. In this way, companies do not appear as consumer/purchaser on the market themselves. Hence, no conclusions can be drawn regarding their research activities or product developments. The anonymity of their research is, therefore, secured and provides a clear advantage in this highly competitive world.

NMD gladly takes on this trustworthy task and continually expands its knowledge basis and its global network through it.

International network & logistics

The logistics of the procurement of special metal powders is particularly challenging, because the relevant plants are often not in Europe, but on other continents, such as Asia, India, South America, Russia.
Here, too, the experience and knowledge as well as the global network of NMD New Materials GmbH plays a role.

When can we start working for you?

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