NMD is your supplier for metal sulphides, solid lubricants and metal sulphide compounds.

NMD supplies all metal sulphides, solid lubricants (dry lubricants) and highly-specialised metal sulphide compounds for industrial use. With its own Tribo laboratory, NMD New Materials is your supplier for customer-specific solutions in the area of multiphase metal sulphide complexes.

NMD is also a source of supply for metal sulphides with optimised physical characteristics in small quantities for technical development laboratories. Manganese sulphide, Tungsten disulphide, Molybdenum disulphide and Bismut sulphide are some of the most prominent examples from the group of high performance metal sulphides.

Sintered components – Powder metallurgy

Modern engine manufacturing would be inconceivable if not impossible without the use of metal sulphides such as MnS.

On the one hand, they improve the machinability of sintered moulded parts and, therefore, reduce the processing time and the production costs. On the other hand, they improve the tribological properties such as the dry-running properties of the moulded parts. This reduces wear and tear and automatically increases the service life.

Our sulphides are also successfully used in tools for diamond machining for the reduction of wear and tear and the increase of tool lifetime.


In conclusion, the metal sulphide compounds of NMD improve the following industrial indicators:

  • Improve the machinability of sintered moulded parts
  • Improvement of the dry-running
  • Optimisation of wear and tear
  • Increasing the lifetime
  • Overall a reduction in production and/or maintenance costs
“The key factor of our success?
Extensive knowledge in metallurgy, a select network and many years of experience”

Dipl. Wirt. Ing. Walter Rajner

Customer-specific research in the NMD Tribo laboratory

Tribotecc and NMD New Materials work together with our customers from the industry on tribological issues. Specific research and development projects are defined and worked on in our own Tribo laboratory. Special wear test stands and highly qualified researchers are available. As a result of this, customer-specific solutions are developed, which increasingly consist of multiphase metal sulphide complexes. The basis for this are, for example, Manganese, Molybdenum, Bismut or Tungsten.

Solid lubricants and compounds

Tungsten disulphide, Calcium fluoride, Molybdenum disulphide, Bismut sulphide, SLS3, MBI 15, MNC21, WS31, WS44S are typical examples of this group. In principle, solid lubricants reduce friction on the surface of tool and chip during processing. The immediate result is an extended lifespan of the tools – by three or four times – or an increased productivity, depending on the requirements of the processing company. Hence, in the PM sinter industry, combinations of solid lubricant and manganese sulphite are used – this is an example for the use of our compounds.

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Metal sulphides and solid lubricants

› BaF2
› Bismut sulphide
› CaF2
› Calcium fluoride
› Solid lubricant SLS 3
› Manganese sulphide
› Molybdän (VI)- oxid (MoO3)
› Molybdenum disulphide
› Tungsten sulphide

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New Development Compounds

› MBI 15
› MNC 21
› WS 31
› WS 44S

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