NMD is supplier for special and rare metal powders for industry and research

Besides the procurement of “standard” metal powder, NMD has made a name for itself as a supplier of rare and difficult to obtain metal powders. These include, for example: Vanadium powder, calcined Alumina powder, Silver powder, Silver oxide powder, Bismut powder, Indium powder, Lithium Cobalt powder, Tantal powder or Tungsten carbide powder.

Those Special metal powders are only being produced by a few producers worldwide. The plant sizes are rather small, compared to the large plants for standard metal powder.

NMD is your research partner with 25 years of experience in powder metallurgy

The selection of the right special powder is often significantly more difficult/critical than that of standard powder. There is less technical literature available and, thus, you have to rely on practical know-how and the experience of specialists. Moreover, the choice of production processes is often very limited, since only very few plants worldwide are available. NMD is happy to provide its 25 years of experience and, therefore, continually expands its know-how.

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„We offer extensive knowledge in powder metallurgy, in the development of innovative products and customer-specific demands.“

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Anonymised purchase of special and rare metal powders for industry and research laboratories

Many global player and high-tech companies completely rely on NMD and delegate the procurement of special materials such as rare metal powders to NMD. In this way, companies do not appear as consumer/purchaser on the market themselves. Hence, no conclusions can be drawn regarding their research activities or product developments. The anonymity of their research is, therefore, secured and provides a clear advantage in this highly competitive world. NMD gladly takes on this trustworthy task and continually expands its knowledge basis and its global network through it.

International network & logistics

The logistics of the procurement of special metal powders is particularly challenging, because the relevant plants are often not in Europe, but on other continents, such as Asia, India, South America, Russia. Here, too, the experience and knowledge as well as the global network of NMD New Materials GmbH plays a role.

Extract from our product range

Rare and special metal powders

  • Aluminium Vanadium
  • Bismut respectively Wismut
  • Indium
  • Calcined alumina
  • Lithium Cobalt
  • Silver
  • Silver oxide
  • Tantalum
  • Vanadium
  • Tungsten carbide

Are you looking for a specific metal powder?

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