Solder powders have in part replaced the solder wires that were previously used, because a powder enables a better dosage of the solder, which makes automation possible. In general, there is a distinction between hard and soft soldering based on the soldering temperature. NMD is the specialist in the area of solder powder and helps your company to adjust the solder powders to ensure an optimal result.

Hard soldering with powder (Temperature ~590°C)

In particular, AlSi7, AlSi10 and AlSi12 as well as Aluminium and different Al alloys with stainless steel (CrNi steels), are being used for soldering here. Well-known examples of use are cooking pans with a stainless-steel bottom and air-conditioning coolers in cars. The solder powders supplied by us are characterised by a very low oxygen content and an evenly tight grain distribution, which is a requirement for a stable soldering process.

Soft soldering with powder (Temperature ~250°C)

These solders containing SnAgCu are the replacement for the plumbiferous solders that were previously used. A typical example is Sn96,5Ag3Cu0,5 (SAC305) with granulation

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Development & Product adaptation

Our aim is to optimally advise, support and supply you as our customer. We are experienced, flexible and prepared to adjust and, thus, optimise our solder powder products at any time according to your processes. Please do not hesitate to contact us whenever you need assistance.

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