NMD is your material supplier and research partner in the area of Additive Manufacturing

The company NMD GmbH was and is active in various research projects (AiF, BFS) together with the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft and other industry partners and brings extensive know-how to the projects when using metal powder in the area of Additive Manufacturing. Beyond the knowledge in itself, NMD provides all relevant metal powders for Additive Manufacturing processes, such as: Aluminium powder, Magnesium powder, Titanium powder or various steel powders.

The big potential of Additive Manufacturing in Industry 4.0.

Additive Manufacturing or also additive production is one of the most promising sectors in the Industry 4.0. Additive production and 3D print in the industry have great potential in the production of geometrically complex, functionally integrated components, which can consist of a combination of different materials.

The aim for the future is to produce all parts cost-effectively and in high quality for the industry. In this way, additive production replaces “Design for fabrication” by “Design for function”.

Besides the mere production of building structures, modified designs of material structures, for example hollow or lightweight structures, can be realised with specific, predefined design features. The density and porosity of a component can be variably determined by the cross section of the building structure. Thus, there are hardly any limits for the individualisation of components.

„Industry 4.0 is a particularly interesting topic for metal production and manufacturing.“

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The 3 additive production processes for different applications.

  • Paste and ink-based 3D method
  • Nozzle-based method, for example the laser deposit welding with powder (LPA) and wire (LDA)
  • And the powder-pack method, for example the selective laser beam fusion SLM and the electron beam fusion EBM

In laser deposit welding, materials such as a Nickel, different steel alloys and carbides are used in particular. In LDA, Nickel, Titanium, Aluminium alloys, Copper alloys and different stainless steels are used. In the powder-back method, you can find different steels, Nickel and Cobalt alloys, as well as Titanium and hard metals. In EBM, the focus lies on the use of powders such as Ti6Al4V, Ti CP, ASTM, F75 for implants and components for aerospace. With the different methods, metallic and intermetallic materials, plastics, functional materials, as well as multi-material systems can be processed. Design changes are also easy and quick to implement, as you only need the geometry data.

Extract from our product range


  • AlSi10Mg0,4 powder


  • Magnesium alloy powder (e.g. AZ91, ZE41…)
  • Magnesium powder


  • Titan Grade 1+2 powder
  • Titan Grade 5 (Ti6Al4V) powder

Steel powder

  • Material No. 1.2343
  • Material No. 1.2344
  • Material No. 1.2709
  • Material No. 1.4006
  • Material No. 1.4404
  • Material No. 1.4546
  • Material No. 1.7131
  • Material No. 1.7225
  • Material No. 1.7227
  • Material No. 1.8550
  • Material No. 2.4668
  • Material No. 2.4856

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