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NMD is your supplier for metal powder and specialist in powder metallurgy with its own Tribo laboratory

The sale, the optimisation and the further processing of metal powders are our core business. You profit from 25 years of experience and competence, combined with excellent industry and market knowledge. At NMD you buy metal powder knowing that you are using the best sources of supply from an international network and always receiving the highest quality. Our team consists of experienced powder metallurgy experts with the know-how and the problem-solving expertise that is needed to optimise industrial processes and to participate in solution approaches to research projects.

NMD News

We always strive to share the newest developments and experiences with our customers.

Metal powder product overview

Here you can find all metal powders and product ranges. Our products are always of highest quality. From metal powder, steel powder, new development compounds to tribological systems.

Global Sourcing

We are part of a global network in the metal powder industry. As experts with decades of experience, we know exactly what matters.

Tribological systems

The companies NMD and Tribotecc have been working together for years in the area of marketing and development of proven products, such as MnS, for the improvement of machine workability of sinter parts in the PM industry.

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